Tech For Hire

Virtual Reality Tech for hire.

Do you have some issues with your grid you need fixed ?

do you want someone to look over your settings to make sure they are correct ?

Have issues with merging a Grid from one computer or server to another ?

Need help with setting up a Backend for your grid?

Have some issue you just can not wrap your finger around that is preventing you to get your grid or standalone going ?

are you running your grid from home but have no luck with connecting ?

Do you want to own your own grid ?

Do you want your own personal grid on your home computer that only you has access too ?

that you can build and build and build without ever paying a dime?

We can setup your very own LocalHost minigrid

and if you decide to make the switch we can help you with your transition into Commercial

Do you want your grid to have an Active Currency ?

All our rates are Competitive and have over  7 years in Virtual Reality and 3d Design

please feel free to contact me to find out more info.