About me

CEO of Jp Collection yachts 3d design company that creates boats for virtual worlds.


Tech for SkyLifeGrid


Webmaster/owner  exposethefacts.com

Owner of   theoarshop.com

Owner of  MineCraftCorner.com

Creator of LifePet and Blazing Breedables Virtual pets and plants.

Content creation and virtual worlds are the future , The general public is not aware of the potential capabilities of virtual worlds.

If you ever watched the movie Total Recall  you can relate to virtual worlds as being projected into a world of your own creation anything you want to do is right in front of you at any moment when ever you wish it , You could be relaxing on a beach one second and then decide to fly an airplane the next or go for  scuba dive  all this from the comfort of your own home, who wouldn’t like to be able to escape and take a vacation anytime anyplace they wanted? sounds cool right well its already Here Visit  http://skylifegrid.com